Affordable Final Expense Insurance.

Get Coverage for Your Needs

We work with the best final expense carriers to make sure you get the best coverage for your individual needs — at the most affordable rate. Our insurance agents are licensed in many states, and we can handle it all by phone! Whole life insurance is just a call away.

The More You Know​

These costs are associated with final expenses:

• Casket
• Minister
• Cemetery plot
• Transportation
• Wake/visitation

• Funeral service
• Legal fees; probate costs
• Headstone and engraving
• Physician and hospital bills
• Mortgage, car loans, and credit card balances

Our Permanent Life Insurance Plans

Our plans don’t expire after a term. You’ll get protection when you need it most. And it lasts your whole life. You don’t want to leave a burden of thousands of dollars in funeral costs. With a final expense policy, you provide coverage for that day. Already have your funeral covered? Some folks choose to leave a cash gift for their spouse, children, or grandchildren. You can buy a final expense plan for your parents to get extra financial security against costs tied to the end of their life. You can also buy a policy for your children or grandchildren as a thoughtful gift of lifelong protection. When you’re ready, we can compare plans from the A-rated life insurance companies — based on your current health and age — to get the best coverage at the best price for you!

Why It Matters to You

Many folks don’t see the perks of buying life insurance. This is because the death benefit occurs after a family member dies. However, you can benefit from a policy in many ways.

Did you know you have the choice of donating the funds to your favorite charity? Or you can give them to your church. Many people will discover how this policy can protect their loved ones’ financial future. Don’t be a financial burden to your family after you’re gone! This is the last coverage you’ll ever need. Make it count.